Bill and Julie Odom
Bill and Julie have been in ministry since 1976, specializing in audio Scripture recording in Native languages. They have seen great technological changes since the days of coming alongside Bible translators, recording on reel to reel tape (with native narrators) and putting the   finished books of the Bible out on cassette tape. Using computers today, they can record on location with Native narrators themselves or coach others at a distance in audio recording; editing time is cut way down. The translated Word of God in audio form is out in many Native languages now, available online or on MP3, on cell phones, on iPod and specialized players galore. They are still working in many languages, and Bill is also consulting with translators worldwide in getting the Bible into the heart languages of people groups in audio form.
Bill and Julie have been married since 1978. They are the parents of six grown children and grandparents of five. All of the children are grown and out of the house, with the youngest in college.