Statement of Faith

We Believe:

  1. the whole Bible is the inspired Word of God without error in its original manuscripts. It is our final and only source of authority in matters of faith, conduct and truth.
  2. there is one eternal God, personal and knowable, who manifests Himself in three distinct persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit; that these three are one God. He is worthy of our worship, confidence and obedience.
  3. that Jesus Christ is the eternal, pre-existent Son of God, coequal with the Father and the Holy Spirit. We believe that without change to His divine Person, He willingly took on the body of a man; was virgin born, was tempted as a man in all points, yet without sin; He gave Himself as our sinless substitute shedding His blood for the sins of the whole world to completely pay the atonement of our sins. We believe He died, was buried, and was resurrected in a literal body, He ascended into Heaven, and is presently our advocate, our intercessor before the Father and our only High Priest.
  4. the Holy Spirit is coequal with the Father and the Son; that He convicts the world of sin, He regenerates, indwells the believer, and baptizes into one body all who have become children of God through Christ; that He further guides, teaches, anoints, makes intercession for, and fills believers who daily surrender to Him; that he is the enabling power for victorious living and bestows this power upon believers for dedicated service.
  5. every person is born with a sinful nature, that after being created in the image of God, man sinned and incurred spiritual death. We believe salvation cannot be attained by any works, morality, culture, baptism, or any other ordinance. We believe in salvation only through grace, a free gift of God to all who personally trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior. We believe salvation is impossible apart from Jesus Christ.
  6. the Christian life is separated unto God, conforming to the teachings of the Word and dedicated to the service of Christ; that all believers are called with a Holy calling into this life of separation from worldly and sinful practices to walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit and so to live in the power of the indwelling Spirit that they will abstain from things as would cause others to stumble or dishonor Jesus Christ.
  7. the Church is the body of Christ; that all who are united by faith to Christ are members of the Church. We believe that we are to fellowship with one another in peace, and to love one another with pure and fervent hearts.
  8. that our Lord Jesus Christ in His literal resurrection from the dead is living guarantee of the resurrection of all persons; the believing saved to eternal joy with Jesus, the unbelieving lost to eternal punishment.
  9. that our Lord Jesus Christ, in fulfillment of His promise, will personally return in power and great glory, and that the time of the rapture of the believers is unrevealed but always imminent.

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